Innovating Medical Technology

Based on its innovative MedTech platform for personalised patient support, Nia Health develops medical software. Nia Health’s end-to-end solutions are indication-specific and tailored to the individual needs of each patient.

Nia Health covers a wide variety of use cases in the dermatology and allergology space. Nia Health’s Digital Therapeutics (DTx) combine strong clinical validation with empowerment, gamification and machine learning.

It is Nia Health’s mission to provide a highly engaging and personalized patient experience that removes barriers to health behavior change.

First-hand patient behavior insights make the difference!

Solutions by Nia Health

Digital Therapeutics (DTx)

Nia Health’s expertise includes the development, market launch and continuous operation of scalable Digital Health Applications (DiGA). We meet the highest standards in quality management, data security and data protection. With regard to reimbursement options for DTx solutions, we have many years of experience and cooperate with a wide range of health insurance companies. Our solutions have already won numerous innovation awards.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) opens up new opportunities for clinicians to assess patients’ conditions without having to be physically present in the same room. RPM means access to real-time medical information at a fingertip. Combined with Nia Health’s patient-centric solutions, this allows healthcare professionals to assess a patient’s condition from anywhere via PC or mobile devices. Thus, modifications within the treatment plan can be made in real time.

Clinical Trial Tools

The requirements for combining, integrating and analysing complex data are growing: environmental factors, personal life circumstances as well as subjective concerns of the patient play an important role. Digital Trial Companions by Nia Health support clinical trials thanks to digital state-of-the-art data collection. The compliance of the study participants is increased through motivating interaction of our state-of-the-art clinical trial tools.

Individual solutions for individual needs

Patient Apps by Nia Health

Insights from medical data generated in the “real world” (real-world evidence) – give us unprecedented insights into the correlations around the incidence of diseases and symptoms.

The Eczema App

The award-winning eczema app Nia is the most used medical eczema app in Europe. Nia was the first app of its kind to be approved as a medical device. Six months after its release in 2019, it was already reimbursed by Germany’s third-largest health insurance company.

The Psoriasis App

Based on the proven Nia Health platform, the psoriasis app Sorea was launched in 2020. Established technologies were applied to the needs of patients together with leading clinicians. Sorea is the first psoriasis app that has been approved as a medical device.

Platform-based DTx Development by Nia Health

Many challenges have to be mastered to successfully bring a digital medical product to market. Nia Health has already successfully completed the entire process several times. Today, we can leverage our already established platform to launch new DTx solutions even faster.

Insights from millions of data points from our existing users and interviews with patients & key opinion leaders from our network of medical experts validate high-opportunity propositions.
As part of our iterative development process, we test our prototype at an extremely early stage with all relevant stakeholders. The proof of concept thus ensures technological and economic feasibility.
We can rely on our strong clinical network when it comes to recruiting matching patients.
We also offer our partners to handle the submission process and to act for them as medical device manufacturer and distributor.
Market Access
After market approval, data-driven analytics underline the added value of the solution for payers.
A digital medical device is a living device. Hosting & Maintenance as well as professional handling of patient feedback and complaints require specific know-how.
Sustainable success of DTx solutions requires more than state-of-the-art technology and excellent science. Thanks to our in-house marketing expertise and our strong partners, we actually bring DTx solutions to the people who need it.


Nia Health works with key stakeholders across the pharma and healthcare landscape.





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